Treatments Available


Following a consultation, a set of acupuncture points, will be selected. Ultra-fine needles will be inserted into these areas to influence the energy within the body, re-establishing equilibrium and addressing the complaint. Most people find a sense of deep relaxation. 

Cupping, Moxibustion and Electro- Acupuncture 

Dependent on your diagnosis, you may be offered cupping, moxibustion and electro-acupuncture. 
Cupping is a technique where a vacuum is created in a special glass cup, which is then placed over the skin.  This encourages blood flow to that area and is especially useful for pain relief. 
Moxibustion is a process where a dried herb is burned over specific points to warm and stimulate blood flow. 
Electro - acupuncture is where small clips are placed on the acupuncture needles to produce a gentle vibration aimed to stimulate a wider area.It is particularly used for chronic and painful conditions.

Dietary and Lifestyle Advise

Food is medicine according to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and some treatments might include looking at your diet and how changes can be made to increase your energy, promoting greater health. Likewise, there may be some suggested changes in lifestyle too.

CBT informed treatment

CBT is a talking therapy to help anxiety and depression. Working collaboratively, we make sense of what is maintaining difficulties and come up with ways of thinking and behaving which breaks the cycles of distress. Using a blended approach Acupuncture can alleviate the physical sensations associated with emotional distress , such as tension and insomnia. 



Please feel free to call or e-mail to have a discussion regarding your potential treatment plan. 

Consultations are by appointment only and initially may take 60 + minutes. This initial consultation will include your first treatment and costs £55  
Follow-up consultations may take 45-60 minutes £45
CBT & Acupuncture
A combined treatment would be 90 minutes and cost £50

Statue of Buddha, surrounded by cupping for Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. Globe light is on